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The Dr. Nagy Gábor László Law Office was established by Gabor Laszlo NAGY who has been practicing as Attorney-at-Law since 2003. He is a graduate of Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, Faculty of Law. He graduated in 1998 with a Diploma Summa Cum Laude. In 1999, he also received a Diploma in the studies of Political Science. From 1998-2002, he worked at the Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary. His position was at the Cabinet Office as one of the Chief Operating Officers and Head of the Department. He was promoted to the Top Governmental Officer.
Fellowships Abroad
In 1999, in England, he studied at the University of Sussex. This was followed in 2000 by studies at Christendom College in the United States.
Legal Practice
Gabor Laszlo NAGY passed the Bar Exam (Final Specialization Exam) in Hungary. He has been a practicing Attorney since 2003 and established His Law Office in 2012. 
The specialties of the Law Office are: 
- Corporate Law
- Labor Law
- Real Estate Law
- Credit contracts and work out
- Law of Compensations and Indemnity
- Public Sector Procedures
- Data protection - DPO
- Immigration and Citizenship Law
In the Office`s law practice, one can also find long term fruitful cooperation and the ad hoc engagement agreements. The Office`s practice is marked by professionalism and excellence. In addition, a client will find Gabor Laszlo NAGY to be flexible. The attorney-client relationship is always appropriate and confidential.
Gabor Laszlo NAGY is a member of the Budapest Bar Association and has maintained insurance with the Insurance Association of the Hungarian Attorneys since 2003 without any indemnity.
External and Internal Partners
The Dr. Nagy Gábor László Law Office has an affiliate agreement with the Singapore based consultant Human Dynamic ( which provides Integrated People Management Solutions to assist corporate clients (Employee Assistance Program – EAP). 
Beginning in 2010, Gabor Laszlo NAGY established a working agreement with Judit Magyar, a mediator. If a client would prefer mediation, Judit Magyar provides mediation services to the client.
The Law Office works in an on-going and permanent basis with the Holon Consulting Firm in family law cases.
The tax consultant of the Dr. Nagy Gábor László Law Office is Istvan Papp a Certified Public Accountant.
Translations in French are prepared by Mercedes Pacz.
The client can choose between a fee that is based upon working hours or a fixed fee. In the case of working hours, the Office will give to the client an estimation of the fee that would be required to process the case. After completing the case, the client will be provided with an itemized statement by the Office of the hours used to complete the case.
We compile legal documents and represent clients in Hungarian and in English. Since 2010, a colleague of the Office prepares legal documents and contracts in French.
Psychological Interest
Mr. Gabor Laszlo NAGY has studied transactional analysis since 2005, and has completed training under the mentoring of Eva Acs at the Hungarian Association of Transactional Analysis.
Social Responsibility
Gabor Laszlo NAGY is the ex-President (2004-2011) of the Hungarian Association of Jesuit Alumni ( He is the founding director and a member of the Ybl Club(, member of the Hungarian Association of Transactional Analysis ( and a member of the Calasanctius Training Program (, curator of the InfoPark Foundation (
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