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Corporate and Labor Law
- Founding companies
- Changes in the structures of companies
- Background support for the long term operation of companies
- Increase and decrease of capital
- Secession
- Merger
- Acquisition
- Preparing a claim
- Accounts receivable
- Execution
- Liquidation

We complete processes at the Court of Companies via electronic methodology which gives us the possibility of completing a simplified procedure in two hours.

Advisor in Labor Law: We complete labor contracts. We also can mediate any disagreements in labor conflicts. We can represent the client in labor relations and problem resolutions. In addition, we process Social Security cases.
Real Estate Law
We can process sales contracts, mortgages, usufruct, swaps, rent, liquidation of rental agreements, building of condominiums, having permits to occupy and use. We represent clients in procedural duty cases and in processes protecting processes.
Commercial Law
We can assist a client with purchases and sales: entrepreneurial, assignment, mandate, loan, mortgage and other optional and franchise contracts.
Public Sector Processes
We represent clients in cases that involve various ministries, including centralized and decentralized public sector institutions, local governments, Tax and Customs Office, Land Registry, Hungarian Health Services, National Authority of Customer Protection, the Hungarian Patent Office, etc.
Law of Compensations and Indemnity
Assertium of Damage, Solatium, Consolation money and Compensation in litigation or with amicable settlement.
Medical Law
We represent clients in processes concerning permission for medical services and completing hospital contracts.
Law of banking
Civil law court trials